Instructional Content Writer

KIVORK is an international IT product company. Together we design and manage our own products in the field of travel and transportation. We have a wide community of 750 employees based in various offices worldwide including Moldova, the UK, India, the USA and local remote teams in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Ukraine and Russia. 

We are a team of education enthusiasts forming an excellent training department at Kivork! We like to teach, we like to study, we like to think, debate and understand the essence of things!

We use the independent online learning method (90% independent, we still connect to train a little!) and interactive animated videos. We reach hundreds of people with fun, crystal clear and memorable educational materials (for our corporate purposes!)! Our method borders on art, we use story-telling and visual metaphors a lot! 

See a small example of one of our materials: [link] – a company intro we made for a travel project.

As a team, we like to have fun and share ideas. We have short team-buildings every Friday, we celebrate every birthday and we appreciate each other!

If you like what you’re hearing (well, reading), keep going!

Ideal Candidate

  • You love learning and education. You like studying new things, understanding them as well as explaining them in a clear, structured way.
  • You like clarity, structure and order. You like ordering everything into neat, pleasant little systems, nice little graphs, tables and lists! Maybe you even like spreadsheets! 
  • You like writing. You would enjoy writing out simple and engaging explanations, toying with a sentence to make it better, clearer, nicer! You like structuring information, defining it, giving it cool titles!
  • You like people. You like explaining things to them and making them get that “aha” moment! The faster and better you do it, the happier you are!
  • You like art. You would enjoy coming up with creative and engaging ways to represent information visually and practice it in memorable, emotionally engaging ways!


  • Build online learning courses as a team of content creators, researchers & trainers all in-1 from A to Z.
  • Research various subjects through interviews with assigned experts as well as short online research.
  • Write content: summarize the key elements of what you learned, describing the principles of your topic with clear, simple language. We use time-tested templates with well thought out structures!
  • Write engaging video scripts that present the information in simple, humane ways. We use basic language, real examples, child-like explanations, storytelling, metaphors, salesy formulations, etc.
  • Video creation (no technical skill required). We use an animation platform to represent the ideas visually, utilizing jokes, sounds, metaphors and other techniques to make it fun and clear!
  • Create tests and activities to actually make your students good at what you’re teaching! 
  • Integration into online courses: harmoniously arrange videos, activities & tests to make sure students actually reach their goals! (again, no technical skill required)
  • Use various apps to create cool training materials- e.g. Kahoot for quizzes, Slido for Live Polls and others!
  • Train groups of people online, occasionally offline (about 10% of the job)
  • Work tightly with the team to improve education, design and training guidelines – meet daily, brainstorm, offer your opinion, share, discuss ideas!

Work Conditions

  • salary starting from $600-$800
  • 7h work shift + 1h of breaks
  • Official employment, official on-card salary
  • 28 paid vacation days, paid sick leave
  • partially flexible schedule
  • possibility for a 4 day office/1 day remotely in time (after 3-6 months), depending on circumstances
  • occasional short-term remote work accommodation, when really needed
  • Fun events (e.g. general knowledge quizzes with prizes)
  • Genuinely happy and positive team, good atmosphere


  • B2 Level of English minimum, C1-C2 desired
  • Personal interest in education & learning
  • Enthusiastic about learning, new information, structuring it, teaching it
  • Familiarity with computers and basic software and apps (e.g. Gmail)

  • Experience in education, sales or design is advantageous but not required