Project Manager in Education

We are a team of education enthusiasts making up an excellent training department at Kivork! We like to teach, we like to study, we like to think, debate and understand the essence of things!

We use the independent online learning method and interactive animated videos to reach thousands of people with fun, crystal clear and memorable educational materials. We like to combine education with art!

As a team, we like to have fun and share ideas. We celebrate every birthday and we appreciate each other!

Ideal Candidate

  • You enjoy proofreading and double-checking things, correcting mistakes and structuring everything! 
  • You like ordering everything into neat, pleasant little systems, nice little graphs, tables and lists! Maybe you even like spreadsheets!


  • Help build online courses from A to Z with a team
  • Quality check 100% of the materials from the course. Go through all the texts, all the videos & materials and provide a lot of feedback! (mostly written) 
  • Improve your team’s quality of work by writing guidelines about all the mistakes you find when you review materials
  • Manage Projects from A to Z. Effectively Use Jira, Agile & Scrum Management to complete sprints and deliver materials 
  • When given a new project, determine the requirements, plan out & divide the entire thing into 2-week sprints
  • Co-write curriculums. Talk to experts in the field and organize the information into neat curriculums

Work Conditions

  • salary starting from $1,000-$1,200 depending on your experience
  • partially flexible schedule
  • 7h work shift + 1h of breaks
  • Official employment, official on-card salary
  • 28 paid vacation days, paid sick leave
  • possibility for a 4 day office/1 day remotely in time (after 3-6 months), depending on circumstances
  • occasional short-term remote work accommodation, when really needed
  • Fun events (e.g. general knowledge quizzes with prizes)
  • Genuinely happy and positive team, good atmosphere


  • C1 English level minimum
  • Personal interest in education & learning
  • Enthusiastic about learning, new information, structuring it, organizing it
  • Familiarity with computers and basic software and apps (e.g. gmail)
  • Experience in education, sales or design is advantageous but not required
  • Experience in project management is not required, but it’s an advantage