KIVORK is hiring language teachers/trainers

Are you looking for something interesting?
Are you open to both people tasks & technical tasks?
Do you wanna be part of an intelligent, successful team? Innovate? Inspire?
Are you a learner who enjoys research, challenges and creativity?
Are you good with computers?
Join us. It’s well paid, a lot of fun and extremely rewarding!
Not sure this is for you? Apply anyway!


  • Fluent English
  • Quiet working space
  • Computer skills are an advantage
  • Teaching experience is an advantage
  • We will consider applicants of all ages and backgrounds

Working conditions

  • $800 average salary
  • Fully remote (working from home)
  • Regular offlines and team-buildings. Travel, conferences, board game hour, tea parties and many others
  • Occasional in-the-office work
  • Genuinely happy and positive team, good atmosphere
  • Positive, creative and respectful management

You will enjoy

  • Building interesting courses on online learning platforms
  • Brainstorming & researching with a great team
  • Training people remotely
  • Training people in-office
  • Creating presentations - from text to powerpoint to video instructions
  • Fun, creative assignments
  • Creating original materials
  • Turning the materials into an interactive training
  • Inspiring others
  • Growing and helping your trainees grow
  • Growing and helping your trainees grow
  • Funtastic people

You will NOT

  • Get bored
  • Regret it (ever)

About us

We reward effort, creativity and high standards. Do your own research, use your own style, create your own lessons and activities! Build a well-organized, beautiful lesson and then share your knowledge with the team!
Our mission: making people successful (training) and keeping them successful (fun & motivation).
You will receive excellent training from the best trainers in the country and a unique experience in a rapidly growing international company. Lifetime skills and opportunities, impressive CV entries and invaluable networking.
Both students as well as experienced professionals are encouraged to apply. Many of the people who were new to the profession when they applied ended up becoming the best of us.
We look forward to receiving your application!