Trainer Wanted!

Working conditions:

  • Zero experience is required, but experience does constitute an advantage
  • Competitive salary, above the market average
  • Endless, challenging self-development
  • Travel, conferences, team-buildings, board game hour, tea parties and many others
  • The genuinely happy and positive team, a good atmosphere
  • Great, modern office
  • Positive, creative and respectful management

Who are we looking for?

  • Are you an enthusiastic, positive person?
  • Are you open to both people tasks & technical tasks?
  • Are you an avid learner who enjoys challenges?


    If you answered yes to at least 2 of the questions above, you are the perfect fit for the Trainer position.

    What you will do? Well, there are 3 main stages…

  • Behind the Scenes

    – Conduct research on a wide range of topics

    – Brainstorm with the team, put your creativity to good use

    – Create original materials

    – Turn the materials into an interactive training

    – Make tests to check comprehension


    In the Spotlight

    – Conduct training sessions

    – Inspire

    – Give and receive feedback


    The after-party

    – Celebrate milestones and achievements with the team

    – Watch everybody grow

    – Become an even better version of yourself


  • The perfect Trainer is a Jack of all trades, who builds expertise in a lot of areas, learns constantly, grows together with the team, innovates and enjoys the results.


    Are you the perfect Trainer? Join us! Not perfect yet? We’ll get you there!

    You will receive excellent training from the best trainers in the country and a unique experience in a rapidly growing international company. Lifetime skills and opportunities, impressive CV entries and invaluable networking.


    Both students, as well as experienced professionals, are encouraged to apply. Many of the people who were new to the profession when they applied ended up becoming the best of us.